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Treat yourself to a couple weekend or trip to the most romantic places in Italy


Romantic or adventurous trips, honeymoons or leisure holidays. If you are looking for some new inspiration for a couple’s trip to Italy, you are in the right place. From cities of art, to Mediterranean beaches. Chalets in the mountains snuggling by the fire, sipping bubbly in Langhe with views of the vineyards. From the fashionable resorts to easy going buen retiro, Italy offers many exciting tourist destinations for traveling as a duo. Pure happiness.

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Art & Culture

M9 - Museo del '900

At the M9 Museum in Mestre, the 20th century is multimedia A snapshot of history, between the real and virtual The first multimedia museum in Italy and a rare example of one in Europe. M9, in Mestre, is a vast exhibition space dedicated to the history of a key century in the lives of Italians: the 20th century. The display is immersive, the narration of events, fashions, trends and objects uses only multimedia supports. Making for an interactive, educational and entertaining museum experience. A customised visit The M9 Museum retraces the 20th century through a series of installations including photos, videos, documentaries, advertising posters, television programmes, newspapers and magazines. You will move around the two floors containing the permanent exhibition, while the third is dedicated to temporary exhibitions. Unlike a traditional museum, you create your own route, dwelling on what interests you most. Pop on your virtual reality goggles and access your favourite content, select films, audio files, enjoy the touch screens, tap everything and let yourself be enveloped in 3D representations. Everything here takes place through audience interaction. The century when everything changed The M9 Museum showcases the century that changed the world: exhibits recount the two World Wars, the economic boom, consumerism. Watch the unforgettable Caroselli and the images of the Fiat 500s overloaded with families on their way to their holiday home; have a smile in front of the black and white photos of the first television sets; find out when table football or the first Moka coffee maker were born. Smart games and vintage selfies for children Children are given a discounted ticket, in some cases free of charge: there are many attractions for them to learn through engaging games. Maybe together with grandparents, exceptional guides who can add to the visit with personal memories and stories about the world they grew up in. The little ones can take a period photo, and see their picture recreated with clothes and hats from a bygone era. Alternatively, they might dance by choosing songs from a giant, super-intelligent jukebox, which turns up the volume as they dance. Or even try being a factory worker, playing on the assembly line at Fiat, to learn the process of building a car. Between cafés and bistros, inside the hi-tech hub Don't just explore the museum. M9 is part of a larger hub, a cultural hub open for events, conferences and temporary exhibitions. The architecture is also worthy of appreciation, the star of a project to redevelop a building block in Mestre that had been uninhabitable for years and is now sparkling. The building was designed by the architects Sauerbruch & Hutton, an award-winning firm from Berlin. They have recovered a former 16th century convent and the monastery has become a square, housing offices and shops: it is well worth a wander here. The main building, on the other hand, is covered with multicoloured ceramic strips laid diagonally to create a spectacular effect. The M9 Museum is located in the large triangular block with a terrace at the top. Drop in here to admire the panorama of Mestre's historic centre from a vantage point. Wander among the cafés and bistros, art galleries and shops. For families, don't miss the one with wooden toys. After a lot of technology, the old, nostalgic wooden toys are now back in the limelight. An app to create your own coffee Of the various catering outlets, Caffè Diemme Italian Attitude provides the perfect made-in-Italy coffee experience, with one eye on tradition and the other on innovation. The coffees and cappuccinos are outstanding, and the flavoured coffee drinks menu is original. And just like at the M9 Museum, customisation rules here. The My Coffee Attitude App that can be used on the café's tablets enables you to create your own blend from 4 starting ingredients. Blend the various Arabica types to taste and your personal blend is made. Enjoy your coffee and take home the blend, which the staff will package up for you. You can even eat here, choosing from pastries, pizzas and flatbreads. To find out more

Silavventura Adventure Park

Calabria: Silavventura, sleeping in the trees amidst countless adventures Not just an adventure park, but a real eco-park designed for all people, big or small, who want to have fun outdoors in a sustainable way. We are Lorica in the unspoilt scenery of the Sila plateau and here, on the shores of Lake Arvo, in the heart of the Sila National Park at 1300 metres above sea level, we find Silavventura, a low environmental impact theme park where you can have fun while learning to respect nature. As well as 14 acrobatic routes suspended at different heights from the ground, equipped with cableways, Tibetan bridges, swinging barrels and swings, winding among the majestic specimens of larch pine, the main conifer species in the central area of Calabria. In the large forest area of the Lorica eco-park, you will find climbing gyms, mountain biking, canoeing, hiking and environmental education, as well as a mini-park, a village of tree houses and a hut-restaurant. Higher and higher, the pleasure of climbing Coordination, agility, motor intelligence, nerves of steel: on the climbing wall at Silavventura Park, a wall measuring 10 metres high and 4 metres wide, you can test the talents required of a good climber. From the age of 6, everyone can try their hand at this lucid and athletic vertical dance, trying to push themselves upwards, gaining an ever-increasing perspective and discovering the pleasure of finding the right movements and strategies, even before the satisfaction of reaching the top. Canoe, bike and snowshoe explorations From three years of age onwards, everyone can have a tailor-made adventure here. By hiring a canoe, you can set off to explore Lake Arvo at Silavventura, alone or with company. Walking with official Sila National Park guides, you will discover the wonders of the great Calabrian plateau with day and night hikes, illuminated by a head torch. If you prefer two wheels, you can explore the plateau on a mountain bike, along routes suitable for all levels of fitness. From here, then, on winter days, you will also have the opportunity to walk through the forests and trails of the gentle slopes of the Sila with snowshoes, through snow-covered pine and beech forests. Puppy-proof fun In Silavventura there is also a village designed for children, where adults are only allowed to accompany them: a playground with 6 mignon wooden houses around a small square in the forest. The adventure course is also puppy-sized and consists of a trampoline, a suspended route, two turrets with a slide, two swings, a zip line and two chick paths, to be tackled armed with harnesses and carabiners. A romantic night in the tree Yet in the eco-park, there are cottages for adults: an authentic village, built using environmentally sustainable techniques, also suspended in the branches of the forest and with a panoramic view of Lake Arvo. Inside, you can enjoy the romantic adventure of sleeping in a tree, in a sleeping bag and on camping mats, as a couple or as a family. Sweet dreams! A welcoming park In accordance with its inclusive philosophy, at Silavventura, access to the park is free to all, you only pay if you decide to challenge yourself on the suspended trails and the climbing wall, to venture out on a mountain bike or in a canoe. One recommendation, however: dress warmly, even in summer, the park is located in a forest in the mountains, wear closed shoes, sneakers or hiking boots, and comfortable sportswear, preferably long trousers. Gloves, such as those used for cycling, gymnastics or mountaineering, are also recommended. And then back to the hut, amidst Silan delicacies And if the thousands of activities in the eco-park make you hungry, continue your exploration of the Sila at the table, savouring the area's typical cuisine: in its mountain hut-restaurant, with tables inside and outside, Silavventura invites you to taste Calabrian cured meats and cheeses, Sila potato gnocchi, grilled meats, salmon trout and local mushrooms. Between a suspended trail and a canoe ride, you can't fail to taste the classic Sila sausage and caciotta sandwich. And, once satiated, off to new adventures...
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