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Caramanico Terme


Nature and wellness in the heart of Abruzzo

Nature, verdant landscapes, wellness and history coalesce harmoniously at Caramanico Terme. A popular destination for motorcyclists, it is the heart of the Majella National Park in Abruzzo. The village stands on a promontory, at an altitude of 650 metres. Its proximity to the sea means that the village enjoys a mild climate and excellent oxygenation all year round. 

The centre of Caramanico Terme still retains its old medieval layout and defensive wall-houses, with no external facing windows. The religious focus, on the other hand, revolves around the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, with its Gothic-style portal and precious wooden crucifix preserved inside.

The resort is best known for its thermal baths: the sulphurous and pure mineral waters are among the best known and most effective in Europe. Inside the spa is a large inhalation and paediatric department, as well as a wellness area dedicated to aesthetic spa treatments and a gym for fitness activities.

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Caramanico Terme

65023 Caramanico Terme, Province of Pescara, Italy

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