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Casale Marittimo


A few kilometres from the sea, in an area of very ancient origins, lies Casale Marittimo: the Etruscans had in fact already settled in this area, as the many finds that archaeological excavations have brought to light testify. Life here, however, was not easy for a long time, due to the unhealthy air of the marshes and the constant incursions of pirates, but the situation changed radically in the 19th century, thanks above all to the reclamation of the coastal marshland. Today, the area guarantees the village an excellent quality of life, amidst the sea, pinewoods and tranquillity: travellers will be welcomed among its natural and architectural beauties, such as the ancient Clock Tower and the Camarlingo house, one of the oldest in the village, and will end their visit in one of the village's wine shops, where they can enjoy an excellent glass of local white wine, perhaps accompanied by the typical cantuccini biscuits.

Casale Marittimo

56040 Casale Marittimo PI, Italia

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