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Italy, the beauty to run

Italy is THE place to run. It is made to be run. From north to south, professionals and amateur runners can easily find their next challenge: a marathon through the most beautiful art cities like Rome, Florence, Milan or unusual itineraries, like the Elba Island or Lake Maggiore.
You can definitely say it: It is not only about running a marathon, it’s about running the beauty, letting your feet flying where the History walked.

Forecasts say next autumn in Italy will be a very hot season, thanks to a marathon-busy calendar.
If you missed the opportunity to run the Milano Marathon, you will still be able to experience running through an art city in the next few months.

Run Rome The Marathon” (19/09/2021), the opening event, will be the first marathon to take place in an art city, with a pretty special itinerary that will guarantee breathtaking views of the eternal city.

On September 26th runners will be faced with a tough choice: Where to run a half marathon? Through the medieval town of Ferrara or in Padova, a recent add to the UNESCO World Heritage list? We wouldn’t want to be in their spot!

What if you can’t wait to take a Selfie with the Pisa tower? Then you can’t miss the Pisa Half Marathon on October 10th!

If you missed all the previous events, only seven days later you will still be able to live your Italian marathon xperience by choosing among these beautiful art cities: Cremona, the city of violin makers, Parma, the current Italian Culture Capital, Lecce, home to the baroque architecture or Palermo, with the Palermo International Half Marathon - Running Sicily.

If you love waterfronts you are also in for a real treat: two of the most beautiful Italian cities, Venice On October 24th, and  Naples on November 14th, will host their running competitions. Would you rather eat a pizza or ride a gondola? That's your choice!

Dulcis in fundo, what if you could run surrounded by Renaissance architecture? Save a spot for the Florence Marathon on November 28th.

For any further information, please refer to the official marathon websites. This text aims to provide a window into Italy’s main art city marathons, but it is not to be considered an official calendar.
Please note that, due to safety and security reasons, marathon dates could change or be cancelled.