Cascata delle Marmore

Green meadows, thick forests, teeming streams, hidden gorges and towering waterfalls create all together a painting of rare beauty: we are in Valnerina, one of the most beautiful areas in Umbria region. The Nera River Park, better known as “Waters' Park”, because of its hydrographic abundance, offers visitors an unspoilt natural landascape, populated by a rich variety of flora and fauna.
In the park there are the famous Marmore Falls, a mass of water that falls from a height of 165 metres: a breathtaking spectacle originated by nature's spontaneity and human intelligence. Their origin, in fact, dates back to Roman times, when Roman Curia pit was originally dug. By means of this plumbing system work, the waters' flow from the area of Velino was directed towards the area of Nera via a route that included the exact drop where, today, it is possible to admire these beautiful waterfalls.
There are many trails available for entering the hidden corners of the park. The different duration and difficulty levels allow the visitor to choose the most appropriate route.
Rafting, canoeing and canyoning are reserved for those looking for strong emotions. Anyway, the assistance provided by skilled personnel in loco allows everyone to try this type of adventure.