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Travel to Italy, #TravelResponsibly

Just stop a moment and answer this question: “What travelling means to you?”.

Exploring new places, expanding your horizon, getting rich culturally, humanly and emotionally, breaking down barriers and prejudices, getting to know new people, cultures and traditions, exploring your own roots…

There are many answers but one thing is sure: whatever our point of view may be, we should remember that tourism is a common good.

COVID-19 changed our lives and habits; today, more than ever before, we should be aware of the effect that our choices and behaviors have on ourselves and other people.

Now it’s time to protect our right to travel and everyone should pull their own weight.

If on one side thousands of companies and tourism professionals have been working and investing to guarantee their customers safe services and environments, on the other side it’s also necessary that tourists travel and behave responsibly.

Discovering Italy’s treasures and beauties complying with the rules is the only way to ensure we can continue to do so.

In this sense, complying with the anti-Covid rules is not enough to make us good travelers, since being a responsible tourist means respecting the environment, landmarks, history, culture and traditions of the places we are visiting and of people living there.

Today travelling responsibly is the only way to make sure we will be able to travel in the future, supporting tourist businesses, our economy, families and ourselves.

Today, more than ever, travel to Italy and #TravelResponsibly

Travel to Italy, travel responsibly

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Before travelling from abroad to Italy or from Italy to abroad, have a look at the specific page on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.