Young people and sport: the thrill of a challenge

Sport, open air and adrenaline: this is the irresistible mix characterizing the most popular disciplines right now that especially appeal to young people. Set in parks, beaches, seas and lakes, they offer the thrills of exciting challenges putting yourself to the test with nature: here are 5 to keep a close eye on.

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There are many venues in Milan that make the city the ideal stage for enthusiasts of this discipline, that involves quickly and acrobatically completing a route studded with obstacles of all kinds. Traceurs, as the people who practice this sport are called, move between ramps, walls, bars, railings and stairs in urban settings or city parks, running, jumping, rolling, climbing and twirling with immense balancing skills. 

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The calm and crystalline waters of Trentino's lakes, surrounded by woods and small beaches, are the perfect setting for people who love this sport. Lake Garda, the lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo, Lake Molveno and Lake Ledro are particularly suitable: here, sliding over the water while standing on a board similar to a surfboard - moving with the help of a paddle - turns into a regenerating experience in nature. Keeping your balance and moving your arms also help tone up all the muscles in your body.

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Geographical location and configuration turn some of the most famous coastal resorts into ideal places for gliding over the waves on a surfing board while standing upright and keeping balance. The best place is Recco, not far from Genoa. It is also ideal for beginners, thanks to the particular features of the waves here that facilitate manoeuvres. The Recco Surfestival takes place here every year between May and June for professionals or simple enthusiasts. The waves in Levanto, on the other hand, can rise up to four meters high, while more experienced surfers find the ideal sea at Varazze, especially in winter

Rome boasts two excellent locations for skateboarding acrobatics. The first is the Bunker Skatepark, equipped with a street area, two connected mini-ramps and a majestic vertical ramp. It also offers courses and camps, and is even accessible to people with reduced mobility, thanks to the internal rental service providing special wheelchairs. The other is the brand new Skatepark at Ostia Lido, that opened early in 2021, with a bowl area replete with special obstacles of various heights and depths ensuring enjoyment for skaters of all levels.

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The sand dunes on the coast near Porto Pino in Sant'Anna Arresi, southern Sardinia, are one of only two places in Italy where this adrenaline-packed sport can be enjoyed. It involves standing or lying on a board and launching at great speed from the top of a dune. Sardinian dunes are made of very fine sand and are up to thirty metres high in exotic settings taking in pine forests, lagoons and crystal clear sea. The alternative site where this sport can be enjoyed is in a completely different landscape on the slopes of the Stromboli volcano, in the Aeolian Islands, where the pumice sand is extremely fine and not very abrasive. 

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