Villa d'Este the Jewel of Tivoli

Imposing, scenic and a symbol of the Renaissance, Villa d'Este is acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This wonderful place is unquestionably the finest Italian garden in Europe, as well as one of immense beauty thanks to the incredible water games and fascinating "water music", such as the Organ Fountain. Set an area of 4 hectares, this villa at Tivoli is one of the treasures of Italy, with tree-lined avenues, woods and magical musical fountains framing the luxurious and elegant architectural of Palazzo d'Este. Together with Hadrian's Villa, Villa d'Este is a destination well worth visiting only a short distance from Rome itself.



The venue has been adapted in compliance with Covid-19 rules and regulations. Wearing masks is mandatory. For detailed information and specific rules of conduct, visit the website.

Opening hours

8.30-19.45 (ticket office closes at 18.45).

Monday opening: 14.00 

The exit time from the Garden is based on sunset in the reference month:

  • January: 16.45
  • February 17.15
  • March 18.00 (with summer time: 19.00)
  • April: 19.15
  • May-August: 19.30
  • September: 19.00
  • October: 18.15 (standard time: 17.15)
  • November and December: 16.45

Full price €10

Reduced €2

Address Trento, 5, 00019 Tivoli RM