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Road Transportation

Driving in Italy

In Italy, holders of valid driver's licenses issued by States of the European Union can drive vehicles corresponding to the class of license they possess. 

The holders of driver's licenses issued by non-EU countries can drive vehicles corresponding to the class of license they possess, as long as they also possess an international driver's license issued according to the Vienna (1968) or Geneva Conventions (1949), or a sworn translation of the national driver's license or  equivalent document, provided they have not resided in Italy for more than one year. In such case, it is necessary to convert the possessed license, if  bilateral reciprocal agreements are in force, or to obtain a new license by following the procedure foreseen by Italian legislation.

For more information, visit the page on Driving Regulations in Italy.

Road Signs

Travel and territorial road signs are placed on the roads that lead directly to the indicated place, at a distance of no greater than 10 kilometers (6.21 mi). These signs have a brown background and white frames and letters. Hotel direction signs have a white background and indicate tourist and hotel information offices, as well the number, category and names of hotels and itineraries (Art. 134 of the Regulations for the Implementation of the Highway Code).