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Right to Hospitality

Hotel keepers are obliged to rent rooms to all customers. Rental can be denied only in the case of unavailability of accommodation, the customers’ failure to produce proof of identity or refusal to pay the agreed amount.

People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are entitled to access touristic services with due regard to the principles of non-discrimination, equal opportunity and participation in public life. However, it is best to gather information beforehand regarding the existence of possible structural and architectural barriers in the facilities to be visited, in order to ensure the full use and enjoyment of the offered services. 

Price Disclosure

Customers have the right to see the prices of offered services clearly displayed in the hotel lobby.


Accommodation facilities are classified through the star system that awards stars according to the  structural, service and functional standards of the facility itself. Given that the individual Italian Regions are responsible for accommodation classification within their territory, differences exist in standards throughout Italy. 


When a down payment is required as a confirmation deposit, it must be returned or attributed to the client's bill at the end of his/her stay. 

If the person who paid the deposit is in breach of contract, hoteliers withdraw from the contract and keep the down payment as a refund for the received damage. Conversely, if the hotel is in breach, the customer can withdraw from the contract and claim twice the amount of the deposit. 

Hotel Safe

Customers have the right to require the safe custody of paper values, cash and other valuables. 

Hotels are liable for the destruction, damaging or theft of their clients' property: this liability is limited to the value of the destroyed, damaged or stolen items, up to a maximum of one hundred times the price of one day’s accommodation. 

Furthermore, hotels have unlimited liability for items that have been specifically left with them for safe custody or for those items that they have refused to accept in spite of their obligation to do so. 
This liability does not apply if the damages, destruction or theft are caused by the client or by people in the client's company, or due to the particular properties of the item itself or to force majeure

Exceptions: According to the Civil Code, customers cannot benefit from such regulations in case of unjustified lateness in reporting the event to the hotel management.