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Immuni, the Contact Tracing App to travel safely in Italy

All foreign citizens who arrive in Italy can use the app Immuni, created by the Ministry of Health and the Minister of technological innovation to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Immuni tracks contacts between people and warns users potentially exposed to the SARS- CoV-2 virus.

The app works with the Bluetooth Low Energy Technology, it consumes very little battery and it does not involve any identification or geolocation of the user. Immuni in fact is completely anonymous, it keeps data in encrypted form on Italian servers, and it has been developed under the supervision of the Italian privacy guarantor.

If a foreign citizen has symptoms compatible with COVID-19, or has received a risk exposure notification, he or she may call 118 (in case of emergency), the national toll-free number 1500, or the toll-free numbers of the individual regions available at: The telephone operator will guide him or her to be taken charge of by the National Health Service. If the person tests positive for COVID-19, a health worker from the territorially competent prevention department will guide him/her to insert the release keys within the app.

The app will send notifications on possible infections and recommendations on the best behaviours to be implemented. Once the citizen leaves Italy, he/she will continue to receive a notification of possible contagion up to 14 days since the last day of stay.

All foreign citizens can download the Immuni app for free from the Apple and Google stores in different languages: English, French, German, and Spanish, in addition to Italian.

Once you arrive in Italy, the first thing to do is verify the compatibility of the model of your smartphone and the operating system version, because not all devices support the configuration of the app.

  • If you download it from the App Store you need an at least 6s or SE (1st generation) IPhone model and the 13.5 IOS version or higher.
  • From Google Play, your smartphone must have an Android 6 system or higher, Bluetooth Low Energy and the most up-to-date version of Google Play Services.

Even visually impaired users can use Immuni with the activation of technologies for screen reading based on gestures: VoiceOver for iOS devices and TalkBack for Android.

FAQs and a guide on Immuni in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German are available on the website

For technical assistance on the use and installation of the app, you can contact the toll-free number 800 912491 (free telephone service managed only in Italian).