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Tourist Facilities (seaside and beach facilities)

These guidelines apply to beach facilities, resorts and free beaches.

▪ Suitable information on prevention measures which can also be understood by non-Italian speakers must be displayed. The use of beach umbrella staff (beach stewards) to illustrate the prevention measures to be followed is encouraged.

▪ Hand cleaning products must be made available for clients and staff in multiple locations.

▪ Access to facilities via booking is to be preferred and lists of bookings should be kept for a 14 day period.

▪ Body temperature can be measured and access denied to those with temperatures of over 37.5°C.

▪ Cash desks must be equipped with physical barriers (e.g. screens). In the absence of these staff must wear masks and have hand cleansing gel available. Electronic payment methods must, in any case, be encouraged, possibly at the booking stage.

▪ Spaces should be reorganised to ensure ordered access, avoid people gathering and ensure distances of at least one metre between users, with the exception of people between whom interpersonal distancing is not currently required, with this latter being a matter of personal responsibility. Where possible separate entrances and exits should be provided.

▪ Where possible enlarge shaded areas to avoid gatherings forming, especially in the middle of the day.

▪ A distance between sun umbrellas (or other shade systems) providing at least 10 square metres of space per umbrella, however the beach is set out (in horizontal rows or lozenge style) is to be ensured.

▪ A distance of at least 1.5 metres between beach facilities (sunbeds, deck chairs) must be ensured when these are not under umbrellas.

▪ Shared use spaces such as changing rooms, cabins, showers, toilets, etc. must be regularly cleaned and disinfected, at least after facility closing.

▪ Equipment such as sunbeds, deckchairs and sun umbrellas, etc. must be disinfected with each client/family changeover and in any case at the end of the day.

▪ For free-access beaches the importance of information and individual responsibility by users for prevention measure behaviours is highlighted. A monitoring member of staff is recommended to ensure that distances of at least one metre between people are respected and the cleaning and disinfecting of any equipment present is recommended. Sun umbrella location must respect these guidelines.

▪ Amusement/sporting activities encouraging group formation are banned.

▪ Individual sports frequent on beaches (such as beach tennis) or in the sea (e.g. swimming, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing) can continue as long as interpersonal distancing guidelines are complied with. In other cases, such as team games (e.g. beach volleyball, beach soccer), measures set out by the responsible authorities must be followed.