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Retail Activities in Public Spaces (markets and craft markets)

These guidelines apply to retail businesses in public areas whose frequency enables them to be considered ordinary and regulated by town councils who must ensure:

▪ space reorganisation, including by means of arrows on the ground and, where necessary, limited in order to stop groups forming and ensure distances of at least one metre between users, with the exception of family members and those cohabiting or those not covered by existing interpersonal distancing regulations. This latter aspect is a matter of personal responsibility;

▪ verify, through appropriate controls, the use of masks by both operators and customers, and the provision, by operators, of hand sanitizing products, in particular near the payment systems;

▪ interpersonal distancing to be ensured at all times;

▪ widespread availability and access to hand disinfecting systems. In particular these must be made available near payment areas;

▪ use of masks by both staff and clients;

▪ information on client distancing at the entrance with information available at least in Italian and English to notify clients of appropriate behaviour;

▪ greater distancing between stalls and, to this end and where possible, enlarging the market area;

▪ an area should be identified for each stall subject to client number limits in order to ensure one metre interpersonal distances.

Where such a need should emerge, town councils can also consider suspending the sale of used items.

Measures required of stall holders:

▪ equipment must be cleaned and disinfected every day prior to market sales;

▪ masks are obligatory while gloves can be replaced by frequent hand cleansing;

▪ hydro-alcohol solutions available to clients for hand cleansing at each stall;

▪ interpersonal distancing of at least one metre;

▪ interpersonal distancing of at least one metre from other stall holders including during loading and unloading operations;

▪ in the event of independent purchases and product handling by clients hand disinfecting must be made obligatory. Alternatively single use gloves must be made obligatory;

▪ where second hand goods are being sold, clothing and footwear must be cleaned and disinfected before being offered for sale.