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Renting Vehicles And Other Equipment

These guidelines apply to public and private rentals.

▪    Suitable information must be provided to raise user awareness of the health and behavioural measures suitable to containing SARS-CoV-2 transmission by appealing to individual common sense. Messages must be easy to understand for non-Italian speaking users and may take the form of signs and information panels and notices promoting and encouraging health measures by staff.

▪    Access to services should be reservation only, via distance link-up and special apps and electronic payment systems should be encouraged.

▪    Body temperature measurements on access to rental service facilities are recommended.

▪    Hydro-alcohol solutions for user hand cleansing must be made available in offices, enclosed spaces and outdoor areas.

▪    In offices, enclosed spaces and outdoor areas gatherings should be avoided and distancing trajectories set up to guarantee distances of at least one metre between rental staff and users.

▪    Airway protection masks must be used in all indoor spaces accessible to the public and whenever interpersonal distances cannot be ensured at all times except in the event of the exceptions set out in current regulations (children under 6, those with disabilities incompatible with long term mask use and those interacting with these).

▪    Where possible work spaces should be separated by suitable physical barriers capable of preventing droplet contagion.

▪    Adequate air circulation is fundamentally important in indoor spaces and offices:

- incoming air filtering packs must be maintained/replaced frequently with more efficient packs being used where possible;

- as regards heating/cooling systems using heat pumps, fan coils or convector heaters, wherever an appropriate temperature cannot be obtained without these, filter levels should be cleaned in accordance with producer specifications, with the plant switched off, and inadequate filters removed.

▪    Frequent cleaning of all spaces must be ensured with  surfaces touched most frequently being disinfected
(e.g. counters, worktops, countertops, handrails, light switches, buttons, handles, etc.).


▪    Managers must ensure vehicle cleaning prior to each new rental, using disinfectants on surfaces touched most frequently (e.g. steering wheels, gear sticks, displays, handles, buttons and handlebars, etc.).

▪    Client hand cleansing must be ensured for bike sharing services. Alternatively single use gloves must be made available and obligatory.

▪    Client hand cleansing must be ensured for car sharing services. Alternatively single use gloves must be made available and obligatory. Masks are obligatory at all times.


▪    All equipment must be cleaned and disinfected each time it is returned by clients.

▪    Special attention must be paid to all surfaces touched during use (such as keyboards, handles, etc.) and those of particular droplet contagion risk where clients have used these without masks.

▪    If equipment cannot be cleaned and disinfected without damaging it users must be notified that gloves and masks must be worn during use.