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Outdoor Exercise

These guidelines apply to all sports facilities at which outdoor exercise takes place and which have indoor spaces (reception, equipment storerooms, meeting rooms, changing rooms, race management, etc.).

▪    Adequate information on prevention measures must be displayed.

▪    Activity programmes should be as planned as far as possible to discourage groups from forming, regulate traffic in waiting and other areas and guarantee interpersonal distancing.

▪    Body temperature can be measured and access denied to those with temperatures of over 37.5°C.

▪    Equipment and machinery must be distanced and demarcated in order to ensure that safe distancing measures can be respected and trajectories allowing minimum distances of one metre between people while exercise is not taking place and masks must be worn where this cannot be respected. During physical activity (with special attention to intense activity) at least two metre distancing must be ensured.

▪    Trained staff must be present to check that health and safety and social distancing rules are being obeyed and encourage users to do so.

▪    Spaces, equipment and machinery must be cleaned and disinfected after each individual training session.

▪    Machines and equipment which cannot be disinfected must not be used.

▪    Hand cleansing is obligatory for users before and after access.

▪    Flasks, cups and bottles should not be shared and objects such as towels, bath robes and other items should not be exchanged with other users.

▪    Sufficient quantities of cleaning and disinfecting materials must be ensured for each user (near machines or sets of equipment) so that users can disinfect machines and equipment themselves.