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Offices Open to the Public

These guidelines apply to public and private offices, professional studios and administrative services open to the public.

▪ Adequate information on prevention measures must be displayed.▪ Body temperature can be measured and access denied to those with temperatures of over 37.5°C.▪ Where possible distance contacts and innovative technological solutions should be fostered in client contacts.

▪ Client access via appointment only is to be encouraged with only a limited number of clients in the building at the same time in accordance with available space (see next point).

▪ Where possible spaces must be reorganised in accordance with logistical and structural conditions to ensure that a distance of at least one metre is available between individual work stations and between waiting clients (and those accompanying them). Where this cannot be ensured airway protection masks must be worn.

▪ Where possible work spaces should be separated by suitable physical barriers capable of preventing droplet contagion.

▪ In waiting areas, hydro-alcohol solutions for client and staff hand cleansing is to be made available and frequent use of these recommended, above all after contact with magazines and information material.

▪ Front office work for offices with significant external client traffic must be equipped with glass or other protection screens.

▪ Staff must clean their hands regularly with hydro-alcohol solutions (before and after each client service).

▪ For meetings with internal or external users, distance methods are to be preferred. Alternatively interpersonal distances of at least one metre must be ensured and, in the event of lengthy meetings, the use of masks.

▪ Work surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected before serving clients and equipment must be disinfected as appropriate.

▪ Internal spaces must be aired frequently. As regards air conditioning, where technically possible all air circulation must be totally excluded. Where this is not technically possible natural air circulation measures must be reinforced and air filters cleaned when the air conditioning is switched off, to maintain adequate filtering/removal standards in line with Istituto Superiore di Sanità document technical guidelines.