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Mountain Huts


▪    Where possible, the refuge’s outdoor spaces must be demarcated allowing regulated access. Where tables and benches are present an information panel must be set up to highlight the health norms and the safety distances; also paths making it possible to avoid direct contact between people have to be set up.

▪    A dispenser containing hand cleanser must be placed at the entrance to this area.

▪    The manager must invite guests to observe the social distance of at least 1 meter and to use personal devices, such as masks, within the area. The distancing is not applied to families, cohabitants, people who share the same room and to people who according to the current provisions are not subject to interpersonal distancing (this last aspect pertains to individual responsibility).

▪    Single-use tablecloths and disinfecting tables and chairs before the client changeover are compulsory.

▪    Only table service or take away is carried out.

▪    Part of the external seating areas is set aside for reserved guests.

▪    In external areas, where a special area for picnicking has been set aside, it has to be regulated with limited access. Where possible, outside areas should be equipped with gazebos, umbrellas and canopies, limiting excessive pressure at the entrance of the refuge.

Inside refuges

▪    Entrance to the refuge is regulated based on the number of people expected, and it can be accessed only using the safety devices established (mask).

▪    Counter service is not allowed, only table service or take away service.

▪    Where possible, paths to avoid direct contact between people should be identified inside the refuge.

▪    Overnight stays and meals should be booked, and lists of guests must be kept for at least 14 days.

Access to internal mountain hut areas

▪    Movement between rooms can occur only observing the safety measures. Visitors cannot move across the sleeping area of the refuge wearing their boots: they must wear their own slippers.

▪    In case all the seats of the refuge's dining area, complying with the safety distance, are taken up, the manager has to place an information board at the entrance to block the access.

▪    Thorough cleaning and disinfection will be performed at least 2 times a day. Particular attention will be paid to the cleaning and disinfection of shared toilets, showers and washbasins. In any case, cleaning and disinfection kits must be delivered or made available to customers for autonomous use prior to the use of the service.


▪    A disinfecting gel dispenser must be placed at the entrance to each room.

▪    Beds must include mattresses with mattress covers in washable material and a disposable set made up of single use mattress cover and pillow case, or sheets in a material that is washable at 90°C. Personal sleeping bags are, in any case, mandatory.
In any case, the use of a personal sleeping bag remains mandatory.

▪    Where single use sheets are used, these must be additional to single use mattress and pillow covers.

▪    In rooms with beds intended for mixed use, meaning for guests who have to observe the interpersonal distancing, specific and more precautionary measures must be taken: guaranteeing interpersonal distancing of at least one meter, with a 1.5 meter distance between beds.