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Festivals And Fairs

These guidelines apply to festivals, fairs and other similar events.

▪    Suitable understandable information on prevention measures must be displayed including, if needed, for non-Italian speakers, both with appropriate signs and info panels and via staff tasked with monitoring and promoting respect for prevention measures including by encouraging visitors to take responsibility for this.

▪    Space reorganisation must be ensured, including by means of arrows on the ground and, where necessary, limited in order to stop groups forming and ensure distances of at least one metre between users, with the exception of family members and those cohabiting or for those not covered by existing interpersonal distancing regulations. This latter aspect is a matter of personal responsibility. Where possible separate entrances and exits should be provided.

▪    Body temperature can be measured and access denied to those with temperatures of over 37.5°C.

▪    In exhibition spaces specifically used for fairs (both indoor and outdoor) reception and cash desks may be equipped with physical barriers (e.g. screens) and electronic payment and online booking is to be preferred with attendance registers being kept and retained for 14 days where possible.

▪    Disinfectants must be made available for clients and staff in multiple locations and at entrances and payment points in particular.

▪    In the event of independent purchases and product handling by clients, hand disinfecting must be made obligatory. Alternatively single use gloves must be made obligatory.

▪    Where present seating must ensure minimum distances of at least one metre between seats and ensure interpersonal distancing of at least one metre.

▪    Given the context all visitors are required to wear airway protection masks (general norms apply to children) and this also applies to staff in contact with visitors.

▪    All spaces must be frequently cleaned and disinfected with special attention being paid to common use areas and frequently touched surfaces (handrails, light switches, lift buttons, door and window handles, etc.).

▪    In covered spaces, air circulation must be ensured. As regards air conditioning, where technically possible all air circulation must be totally excluded. Where this is not technically possible natural air circulation measures must be reinforced and air filters cleaned when the air conditioning is switched off, to maintain adequate filtering/removal standards in line with Istituto Superiore di Sanità document technical guidelines.

▪    As regards any other services offered in such contexts (bars, food service, etc.) the relevant information guidelines must be referred to.