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Children’s Play Areas

These guidelines apply to children’s play areas within public and private areas including those inside tourist and business facilities.

▪    Suitable information must be supplied to parents, children, those accompanying them and any staff on all prevention measures to be adopted. Signs with pictograms and other child friendly systems should be used, including for non-Italian speaking users, especially in tourist areas.

▪    Staff and parents should be encouraged to self-monitor their health and that of their families and kept informed regarding the behaviour to be adopted in the event of suspected COVID-19 symptoms.

▪    Children and teenagers must be encouraged to follow health prevention measures including using fun methods in accordance with their age and degree of autonomy and self-awareness.

▪    Spaces must be reorganised to ensure distances of at least one metre between users with the exception of family members and those cohabiting or for those not covered by existing interpersonal distancing regulations.

▪    Airway protection masks must be used by parents, those accompanying children and children over the age of 6. Colourful and/or patterned masks are to be preferred.

▪    Suitable hydro-alcohol solution dispensers are to be made available for frequent hand cleansing in all spaces, especially at entrances and exits.

▪    Thorough cleaning of spaces every day with mild detergents is to be ensured. Surfaces touched most frequently must be disinfected at least once a day.

▪    In covered, indoor spaces, air circulation must be ensured. As regards air conditioning, where technically possible all air circulation must be totally excluded. Where this is not technically possible natural air circulation measures must be reinforced and air filters cleaned when the air conditioning is switched off, to maintain adequate filtering/removal standards in line with Istituto Superiore di Sanità document technical guidelines.