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Mountain biking in Tuscany at the Abetone Gravity Park

09 September 2022

The mountain bike is perfect for riding the trails of the Pistoia Apennines. In this area, on the border with Emilia Romagna, the Abetone Gravity Park offers beginners and experienced bikers the thrill of riding numerous tracks at full speed through fir and beech forests. Enduro, cross country, downhill and e-bike tracks. Jumps and parabolic curves for pure fun.

1. Enduro areas: between green, red and black tracks

Home of the Tuscan Enduro Series championship, the Abetone bike park features numerous enduro trails, varying in degree of difficulty and distance, but all evocative and scenic. Some can be accessed directly from the cable car, for others you have to pedal a little further.

Among the green trails, i.e. the easier ones, we would like to point out the Tour of Monte Maiori and I ponticini: about 11 kilometres for the former and 12 for the latter, with an altitude difference of between 450 and 500 metres.

The three red circuits of La Chierroni, Reniccione-Maiori-Pescinone and Giro della Valle del Sestaione are medium difficulty, not only because of the length of the itineraries, which varies from 10 to 16 kilometres, but also because of the gradient, which in some sections verges on 700 metres.

The black tracks are more challenging, with the 13.5-kilometre German Trail and the 12.9-kilometre hairpin bends.

2. The 3 rings of cross country

Rough terrain and rocky climbs, alternating with root-strewn descents. These are the main ingredients of cross-country, which cannot be missed in the woods of the Abetone Gravity Park.

The tour we suggest is perhaps a little bizarre, but certainly exciting: walk through the park's three destinations between sunset and twilight, lit only by headlamps.  You choose the pace, as well as the kilometres to be covered: 5.5 for the Maiori Ring, 11 for the Pian degli Ontani Ring, 13 for the Pian di Novello Ring.


3. 7 downhill slopes

Extreme in terms of routes and vehicles used, the Abetone downhill slopes start at the top of the mountain and then at full speed down breathtaking descents. From the easy Chierroni to the medium Ascorta, Pulicchio and Superbob, it is a crescendo of difficulty first with Selletta, then with Luma and finally with Discesa. Each track is marked with numbers and colours indicating risk levels. A helmet and protection is highly recommended. 


4. Abetone by e-bike

Finally, the Tuscan bike park offers the possibility of renting electric bikes with pedal assist, for which special routes have been created.

From the Black Lake to the Flat Lake, from the Botanical Garden to the Lagacciolo Ring, a series of more or less demanding rides, which, thanks to the activation of the engine when needed, allow even the laziest of riders to explore the beauty of the Apennines on two wheels, without tiring their legs out.