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Suvereto is a village of old houses and historical workshops, a village that has been able to revive. At the end of the 17th century, in fact, this was a land that was about to be forsaken because of the miasma of stagnant waters and the malaria that raged here, claiming victims. Fortunately, the land reclamation operations made it habitable and fertile: today the landscape surrounding Suvereto is rich in vines and olive trees and the village is buzzing with activity, in its lively streets but above all in the wine cellars, oil mills, farms and agritourisms. Man has returned to live in symbiosis with this land, and the traveller who chooses the village as the destination of his journey cannot fail to be enchanted by the hospitality he will receive, amidst walks in the splendid countryside and tastings of the typical dishes that tell of the idyllic union that has returned to intertwine these people with the essence of the territory.


57028 Suvereto LI, Italia

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