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Conference Tourism

Assemblies, conventions, conferences and fairs. Places and occasions for convention tourism are innumerable in the Bel Paese, whether focusing on business, promotion, or idea generation. Italy actually ranks sixth in the world for convention tourism, which makes sense given its multiple attractions, from art and culture to food and landscape. The Palacongressi in RiminiAnd its convenient national and international transport hubs, comprising air, rail and sea, as well as modern, abundant and sizable convention and conference facilities, means groups can choose from locales all up and down the Peninsula.

State-of-the-art convention centers often are not far off from noble palaces, castles and historic homes in cities like Rome, Turin, Milan and Florence. Event preparation frequently involves the close collaboration between tour operators, lodging structures and local governments that welcome convention participants in such a way as to show them the best of their territorial offerings.

Italy’s mild climate and beautiful sceneries draw those planning medical, scientific, athletic, religious and company conferences. International meetings and symposiums might take place on the Adriatic coast in Rimini, in Alpine mountain resorts, or at thermal spas such as that in Fiuggi, all venues that have proven to be multi-functional and adaptable to every category of convention.

Conference tourism is expected to climb over the next year as the Milan Expo2015 approaches, but even in low season Italy is an ideal destination while on business.

In recent years cities of art have affirmed themselves as favorites for conference events, combining well-equipped sites with the marvels of history, culture and architecture so sought-after by the rest of the world.
Florence alone welcomed over three million convention participants just in 2012.

Moving conference tourism’s lux factor up a notch is thermal conference tourism; typically a year-round opportunity, thermal spas can be enjoy everywhere in Italy from Bormio to Sicily, from Siena to Ischia. Then, Rimini’s Palacongressi center became the first conference location in the country (2007) to feature a wellness center.  
Of course, guided tours are a regular activity during and after conventions and conferences, allowing participants to see - in the company of colleagues and even their families - nearby Medieval villages, natural parks, museums, and so much more of all the wonders of Bell'Italia!