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Valenza and the Art of Gold

Italian goldsmithery is Made in Italy at its finest. An alchemy of past and present, it is just one representation of the Italian love for beauty, and artisan know-how that dates back ages. It is no wonder at all that Italy is a world leader in jewelry and gold-working. A Jeweler's Window Display

This niche in Italian luxe flourishes in a few “gold districts” throughout the Peninsula: foremost among them is that in Valenza, one of the names that stands out internationally. Not far from northern Italy's major cities (i.e. GenoaMilan and Turin), the Valenza district comprises eight contiguous municipalities where an ample range of jewelry and gold is produced and sold. Valenza itself - also a city of interest for the 2015 Milan Expo – will inaugurate its Museo del Gioiello or Jewelry Museum in 2015.

Valenza, a small city in the Region of Piedmont, actually boasts the highest number of artisan gold and jewelry businesses in the country, as well as a solid high-quality artisan tradition and significant advancement in the way of technical, stylistic and material innovation. The elevated level of design locally, fervent production, a fair and expo known on a global scale, and training academies and institutes of study rooted in the surrounding territory and tradition make Valenza a privileged destination for tourists, the curious and apasionados seeking out this different and rather particular thread of Made in Italy.

Of course goldsmithery is an important profession all over the Bel Paese; each Region has its own traits and specializations, where often the businesses are family-run.

Another district similar to that of Valenza is Vicenza with its silver and goldworks (as with just about all of Italy’s jewelers, this includes custom-made creations, as well), and fine jewels, gold-plating, china, home decor, etchings and sculptures. Thirty-percent of the Vicenza area’s exports arrive in Russia, Turkey and the UAE. Then, Arezzo, known for its longstanding importance in goldworks, and for its schools and research centers, historically supplied its pieces to Florence's biggest jewelers.
The Tuscan city hosts the annual trade fair and exhibition of "Oro Arezzo," with thousands of operators from Italy and abroad participating. Not to be counted out is Naples, with a 2,000-year-old district running from the ancient Neapolis to Torre del Greco.

Other sector fair events include Vicenza Oro and Orogemma in Arezzo. Meanwhile, among Italy’s most famous jewelry and gold labels are Damiani, Roberto Coin and Miluna (also sponsor of Miss Italia 1997).

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