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Emilia Romagna, Formula1 and Ferrari

A trip to Emilia Romagna is a trip to the land of motors. After all, it was here that one of the greatest symbols of Made in Italy was born a legend: the Ferrari brand.
This beautiful Region offers car lovers a grand series of pertinent places and events, including the Motor Show, the Imola Circuit, the relatively new Autodromo Marzaglia, the RighiniPanini and Stanguellini CollectionsMuseo Ferrari and the recently-opened Enzo Ferrari House Museum.
Preserving the relics of everybody's favorite sportscar, the Museo Ferrari in Maranello (Modena), receives over 200,000 visitors from around the world every year. The exhibition changes constantly, with diverse offerings that satisfy both car racing fans and vintage car aficionados alike. Among the most attractive display rooms is that boasting approximately 40 prestigious models on rotation, deriving from museums and private collectors; the models show off the evolution of Ferrari style and design.Museo Ferrari, Maranello - Detail - Vintage Car
Then, a hall dedicated to Formula One and Cavallino, the Victory Hall, celebrates the victories of the Scuderia, displaying World Championship cars from 1999 to 2008, 110 trophies, and the original helmets from nine World Champion Drivers: think Villeneuve, Berger, Mansell and Prost. Also visible are numerous other items belonging to the drivers, including gloves, suits and shoes.

Also a big draw is an authentic reconstruction of the Ferrari Formula One Pit, containing the disassembled parts of the latest model, a control center and radio telemetry unit: a must for those who want to live this rare experience. Yet the surprises don't end there! The sound box reproduces Formula 1 and Gran Turismo (GT) engine noise from the track and road. Meanwhile, another hall houses an exposition of the most recent 8- and 10-cylinder motors, mounted atop the official Scuderia World of Champions 1999-2008 single-seater model.
Finally, be sure to check out the reconstruction of Enzo Ferrari's first office in Modena, where in 1929 he began the legendary red Cavallino, that is, the famous prancing horse.

Not only, but an important museum is dedicated to the car's creator: the Enzo Ferrari House Museum in Modena
The construction of this museum complex followed the restoration of the house where Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898. The house and its garage were kept intact, but an unusual, futuristic building was added on, reproducing a Ferrari hood in yellow aluminum. Yellow, of course, symbolizes the city of Modena, and above all recalls the color chosen by Ferrari himself as background to the Cavallino.
The museum's standouts comprise cars from prestigious collections and museums, the symbols of Made in Italy motorworks. Surrounding the cars are curved windows where visitors can find historical documents and objects, mementos, and various unpublished audio-video.

A museum dedicated to Enzo Ferrari could not be such without an expo detailing the life of this driver and manufacturer who believed strongly that "If you can dream it, you can do it." 
Objects, documents and photos narrate his story, his life in motor sports, in places, and in people, beginning with the Modena Circuit (the Aerautodromo and Mille Miglia); and traveling through Scaglietti, Fantuzzi, Stanguellini, Maserati, Pagani, De Tomaso and Alfa Romeo. 
In Ferrari's birth house, a permanent multimedia tour retraces the main events of his life.
These unique places reinforce the identity of Emilia Romagna and its "Motor Valley," that by now has attained global admiration and appeal.