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Gambero Rosso

Gambero Rosso is a leader in the enogastronomic sector in Italy. Founded in 1986, it is deemed an authority of quality, and its symbols of excellence - Three Chalices for wine, Three Forks for restaurants, Three Coffee Beans and Cups for coffee bars, and Three Leaves for producers of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil - have become markers for those wanting to taste, make and import the best of Made in Italy cuisine.Città del Gusto in Nola (Campania)Since reaching success in Italy, Gambero Rosso serves as reference for Italian food apasionados around the world, who come to Italy to participate in its courses and tastings.
Run at its Città del gusto or Cities of Taste in Rome, Naples, Catania, Palermo, and Turin, classes and tasting sessions are categorized by difficulty level: professional or amateur/recreational.
The Gambero Rosso cooking schools, open since 2003, offer a complete education. These professional courses guarantee high-level preparation in terms of theory and practice, and new technologies.
Varied and engaging, the amateur courses, of short-term duration, are for participants of all levels that simply want to have fun while they learn. Tourists often sign up for these lessons as a way to learn about Italian lifestyle, traditions and tastes.
Additionally, Gambero Rosso organizes its Tre Bicchieri World Tour, Top Italian Wines Roadshow and Vini d’Italia Tour, prestigious international events treating Italian wine. Food and wine are especially pertinent topics in view of the upcoming Milan Expo 2015; the event is set to be the largest ever organized completely around food, nutrition and agriculture.
Gambero Rosso is also a multimedia and editorial group of late, offering guidebooks and digital guides, and monthly and weekly publications, as well as television programs, some of which promote Made in Italy abroad.


In del Gambero Rosso dove il Gatto e la Volpe portarono a Carlo Collodi's tale of Pinocchio, Gambero Rosso or "The Red Shrimp" is the name of the restaurant where the Cat and Fox take the title character to dinner.

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