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Art Cities

Pisa - Piazza del Duomo

The Italian art cities are some 
of the most-visited destinations in international cultural tourism.  Rich in monuments, churches, castles, museums, and historic dwellings, Italy’s cities of art are an ideal target for low-season tourism, fulfilling a desire to know them any time of the year. 

Of course, many are Italy’s art cities: TurinMilanVeniceBologna, Ferrara, FlorencePerugiaRomeNaples, and Palermo, just to name a few.

Almost all of them preserve an important historic, artistic and architectonic heritage that narrates the succession of century after century. Rich in signs of the events of the men who moved about in them – Italy’s art cities were often the seats of governments and principalities, and the stages for the events that changed the course of history. More specifically these cities, due to their particular relationship with various axes of power, were made over several times – i.e. as residences of princes, dukes, popes, kings and emperors. 

Frequently characterized as an urban textile that preserves the original framework, such as a Roman stronghold or a Medieval borgo, Italy's art cities represent vestiges that each seem to be frozen in different times – some even seem to straddle the divide between more than one historical period, perhaps not having completed the transformation initiated by one conqueror or another. Marked by the initiatives of great artists and patrons, these cities are not only the repositories of poignant artistic expressions, but are themselves true masterpieces of art. 

Open-air museums that can be enjoyed and admired on foot – these cities offer modern and inspiring itineraries for discovering shops and artisan workshops, markets and fairs, festivals and theatrical events that are a great blessed union of traditions, culture and excitement. 

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