The roads of Opera

A Grand Tour of Italian Opera

An experience made up of places, emotions, history, and good vibes that takes place across Italy passing through big cities and small towns, discovering the places that have made Opera history, the most complex, sophisticated and spectacular theatrical expression, combining

diverse artistic disciplines, ancient crafts and modern skills and technology.

An ideal itinerary starring the Opera, following streets and paths that connect different places, identities, and histories but all sharing the art that originated in Italy over four centuries ago and that today is a candidate to receive UNESCO World Heritage status.

An Italian treasure that has conquered the world and whose spirit can be found in the major theaters that each season offer rich programs of events including shows, meetings and festivals often dedicated to the greatest Italian composers such as Puccini, Verdi and Donizetti and intended not only for an audience of great connoisseurs but also for those who are approaching the Opera world.

An experience that does not end with the pure enjoyment of the performance but enhanced through the discovery of the surrounding communities, which, like a treasure chest, offer new insights every time: from the historical centers of the big cities of art to the small charming villages, following the wine and food excellence roads, in a itinerary that winds from North to South, including the islands, and that invites visitors to immerse themselves in beauty to be enjoyed with all the senses.

Take off with us to discover the temples of opera music.

We bring you all those must-see events to enjoy the best of an Italian journey through music, art, history and architecture.


Italy's greatest theaters

The must-see places for those who love deep emotions.


Discover the opera houses in Italy

From La Scala in Milan to the Arena in Verona to smaller towns, Opera is at home everywhere.

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Music, Maestro

Curtains up!

A selection of upcoming events in Italy.