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Valle del Belice


An enchanting land marred by earthquakes

The Valle del Belice, named after the Belice river, spans the provinces of Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento. It is home to one of Europe’s largest archaeological sites, the Selinunte Archaeological Park, a direct expression of classical Greece and Doric style. Nearby is the Cave di Cusa, a limestone mine essential to the construction of grandiose works.

Be sure to visit Menfi, with its historic centre full of palaces and towers, and the Mouth of Belice River Nature Reserve, a protected area from the coast to the hinterland, characterised by dunes and Mediterranean vegetation. Then there is the beautiful hamlet of Porto Palo, where you can stroll along the palm tree-lined promenade and admire the coves along Le Solette beach.

Don’t miss the small medieval village of Castelvetrano and the ruins of the ancient village of Poggioreale, a ghost town destroyed by the 1968 earthquake. We also recommend visiting the Cretto di Burri, just a few kilometres from what remains of Gibellina: an immense contemporary artwork built on the rubble of the city to pay respects after its destruction by the earthquake.

Visitors with a sweet tooth can enjoy a gastronomic tour of Valle del Belice delicacies, from cassatella pastries filled with ricotta, chocolate, orange peel and cinnamon, to nucatoli, Christmas shortcrust pastries filled with almonds and honey.

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Valle del Belice

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