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Giro Podistico di Castelbuono 2023

Giro Podistico di Castelbuono 2023, the 10 lap marathon for the Feast of Sant'Anna

Everything you need to know about Castelbuono and the road running competition 2023.

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The International Giro Podistico di Castelbuono is an athletics running competition that takes place on July 26th of each year in a small town on the outskirts of Palermo, during the Feast of Sant'Anna, the patron saint of the town.

The first edition, known as the "10-lap marathon", took place in 1912 organized by the Associazione Sport Club Nebrodense and then continued on every year almost continuously for a century, making the event the oldest road race in Europe.

After the first editions, from 1937 the tradition of enlisting Sicilian middle-distance champions began to widen. From the 60s, this expanded to include athletes from all over Italy and, almost twenty years later, also to international champions.

This year the edition of the Giro Podistico di Castelbuono, one of the most important running races of 2023 in Italy, will be the 97th. It will be the main event of the celebrations for the Feast of Sant'Anna in Castelbuono. Here's everything you need to know.

The marathon route

Castelbuono Giro Podistico

The Giro Podistico di Castelbuono route winds through the heart of the historic centre, with both departure and arrival in Piazza Margherita.

Passing from Via Roma to Via Mario Levante, then on to Piazza San Francesco and Via Cavour and continue on, crossing Via Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza Matteotti and Via Umberto I, before returning to Piazza Margherita. The course is repeated 10 times during the men's athletics competition. A total of 11.340 kilometers - 1,134 meters per lap - covered by the athletes taking part in the competition.

Dates and times of the giro podistico di Castelbuono 2023

Giro Podistico in the centre of Castelbuono

The official competition will take place, as usual, at 19:00 sharp on Wednesday July 26th 2023. The announcement and awarding of the winners will begin at 19.30 on the stage built in Piazza Margherita.

The race can also be watched at home on the event's official Facebook page and on Rai Sport TV which, as per every year, will broadcast live starting a few minutes before 19:00.

Program of events in Castelbuono 2023

People watching the Giro Podistico of Castelbuono

Over the decades, the Giro race has become an increasingly important event and a series of secondary events have been added to the actual race which attract thousands of visitors and sportsmen.

The celebrations begin on July 25th, the eve of the athletics competition, with a walk along the circuit, either independently or with an accredited guide. Those who have come to Castelbuono to watch the race will be able to walk the race route. It’s also an excellent opportunity to discover the wonders of the historic center full of monuments, historic churches and museums.

On July 27th, the day after the race, everyone can challenge themselves with a run through the vineyards, one of the most unmissable events in Castelbuono in 2023. Marathon, half marathon, trails or walks it doesn't matter: the goal is to give life to your sporting soul by running through the most beautiful vineyards on the western side of Sicily. Finally, there will be a wine tasting at the Santa Anastasia Abbey cellar.

To round off your visit to the Castelbuono area, there is the Madonie Trek. Bringing tourists and visitors to discover the natural wonders that surround the town with excursions in Madonie. There are simple itineraries for families with children, and more demanding itineraries for those who want to put themselves to the test. However, there is only one motive: to be enchanted by Sicilian nature, among the Marian sanctuaries of the Madonie and those of the brigands between the Madonie Park and the Nebrodi Park.

Not just races: here's what to see and do in Castelbuono

Stage of the Giro Podistico at the Church of Maria Santissima Assunta in Castelbuono

The Giro Podistico offers the perfect opportunity to discover the delightful village of Castelbuono, located 423 meters above sea level on the slopes of the Milocca hills, and also the surrounding area.

Crossed by the athletes during the race, the historic center is a gem where you can discover the Castle of Castelbuono, now home to the Civic Museum and the beautiful, finely decorated Palatine Chapel, very close to each other. There are also many churches rich in artworks worth a gander: the Church of Maria Santissima Assunta, that of the Natività di Maria and the 14th century church of San Francesco.

A few kilometers from the center, you can enjoy one or more days in close contact with nature in the vast Madonie Regional Park.

Where to eat in Castelbuono

A table set for lunch in the midst of nature

Finding something delicious to eat in Castelbuono is easy, both in the historic center and in the outer areas of the town. Restaurants and trattorias where you can try the delicacies of the land can be found on every corner. Those visiting for the Giro Podistico can take advantage of two events dedicated to good food, starting with trying the tasty dessert typical of Castelbuono, dolce testa di turco.

During the race it’s possible to enjoy a tasting of typical local products in the VIP box located in Piazza Margherita, by reservation. The following day, you can participate in the race through the vineyards and conclude the experience by tickling your palate with a selection of Castelbuono wines from the medieval estate of the Relais di Sant'Anastasia.

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