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Parco delle Madonie


An open-air treasure in north-western Sicily

A visit (or two!) to the Madonie Regional Natural Park gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fragrant Mediterranean scrubland, among beech, elm, holm and hollies. Across this approximately 40,000 hectares of land in the province of Palermo, you can visit ancient geological sites and enjoy walking, trekking, rafting, birdwatching, horse riding, mountain biking, climbing and activities for true expert mountaineers.

In winter, you can go cross-country skiing and more on Pizzo Carbonara, the highest peak of the Madonie mountains and the second highest in Sicily at 1,979 metres. Your starting point is Piano Battaglia, a small, traditional ski resort.

In summer, on the border between Castelbuono and San Mauro Castelverde, you can take a rubber dinghy to discover an enchanting, wild oasis, the Gorges of Tiberius, carved by the powerful Pollina River for millennia.

Polizzi, atop a high cliff starting on the slopes of Monte San Salvatore, hosts numerous walking and hiking trails, while the traditional village is rich in art and culture.
Looking for challenges and entertainment? Petralia Sottana has a famous adventure park.
If you love picturesque, spiritual atmospheres, along the north-western slopes of Pizzo Sant’Angelo stands the Sanctuary of Gibilmanna, not far from the beaches of Cefalù, among the most beautiful on the island.

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