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Valley of the Temples


Valley of the Temples: archaeology, history and nature.

The awe-inspiring temples, the colours of Sicily and an ancient history nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Standing in an area of 1300 hectares, the Valley of the Temples is one of the largest archaeological sites in the world. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Park is home to numerous Doric temples dating back to the Hellenic period and strolling among its wonders is an unprecedented experience. Eleven temples, three sanctuaries, many necropolises, two forums, the theatre and the remains of the quarters of the ancient city are all evidence of the daily life here in all its splendour. The landscape heritage characterising this location where nature merges with archaeological remains is astonishingly beautiful. Don't miss a visit to the Agrigento Regional Archaeological Museum, with its 17 rooms and a collection of more than 5600 artefacts.

Valley of the Temples

92100 Agrigento, AG, Italy

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