Scaliger Castle of Sirmione - Imposing, majestic and wonderful.

The Scaliger Castle, surrounded by the waters of Lake Garda, rises in all its grandeur at the gates of the Mediaeval village of Sirmione. It is one of the 30 most visited historical sites in Italy and a typical example of lake fortification commissioned by the Della Scala lords to defend their domains. Protected by imposing walls, the fortress embodies solemnity with all its towers, especially the 37 metres high castle keep. The architectural structure of the Scaliger Castle is essential, powerful and monumental: the drawbridge, triangular ravelins, the tower with coats of arms, courtyards and the dock - an exceptional example of one of the oldest fortified ports in Europe and such a unique and timeless place.


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Piazza Castello, 34 - Sirmione