Royal Palace of Caserta The unique beauty of the Italian Baroque

The Reggia di Caserta - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - is Italy's par excellence royal palace. Designed by Luigi Vanvitelli in the early 1700s with 1200 rooms, it occupies an area of 47,000 sq m. - and is the largest royal residence in the world by volume. The overall Royal Palace complex includes the main rooms, several important collections and works of art such as the Naples Academy of Fine Arts, the collections of portraits of the Bourbon Court and the main European Courts, and many other works of various origins, such as the Terrae Motus Contemporary Art collection. On stepping outside the Royal Palace, we enter the Royal Park in all its grandeur: occupying an area of 120 hectares, it consists mainly of the Italian garden and the English garden, embellished with basins, fountains and evocative, scenic waterfalls. 


<p>Transport services are available</p>

Transport services are available

<p>Luggage storage is available for visitors</p>

Luggage storage is available for visitors

<p>It is possible to rent bicycles for a daily fee</p>

It is possible to rent bicycles for a daily fee

<p>There is a refreshment area for visitors</p>

There is a refreshment area for visitors

<p>Toilets are available.</p>

Toilets are available.

<p>There is a bookshop for visitor purchases. </p>

There is a bookshop for visitor purchases.

<p>Visitors can book guided tours.</p>

Visitors can book guided tours.


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Opening and timetables

Opening days: every day, except Tuesdays.

Opening time: 8.30

Closing time: 19.30

Last admission at 18.30. Exit from the museum at 19.25


Full price 14 € (Park + Apartments)

Full price 9 € (Park)

Reduced 2 €


Piazza Carlo di Borbone, 81100 Caserta CE