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Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore
Dopo Caravaggio
Horses, costumes and residences
Il tempo di Giacometti da Chagall a Kandinsky
Canova. The ideal faces
Canova. Thorvaldsen
Fellini 100
Leonardo, Madonna Litta, St. Petersburg- Hermitage
Sala delle Asse (Room of the Wooden Boards). Landscape, portion of the sketches found under the plaster, 1498 circa
Francesco Galli, aka the Neapolitan, Leonardo's pupil,  Madonna Lia, detail - 1495 circa
Francesco Melzi, Male Profile, red chalk with hints of black chalk, 1510
Flemish artifacts, the Last Supper, by Leonardo, tapestry,  1505-1510 circa, Vatican Museums
On the footprint of the Battle of Anghiari

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