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Trekking through the natural parks of Brescia

9 Treks near Brescia to enjoy beautiful natural parks

Not only the Italian Capital of Culture 2023, Brescia is also an oasis of peace where you can indulge in sensational trekking sessions immersed in nature.

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Immerse yourself in Lombard nature for a truly unforgettable trek in Brescia: this area offers some of the most beautiful natural parks and hiking trails in northern Italy. In 2023 Brescia, together with Bergamo, was elected as the Italian Capital of Culture. There is no better occasion to discover the beauty of the city and the surprises of its province.

In this article you will find ideas, suggestions and names of all the natural parks not to be missed for a day of trekking near Brescia.

Discover the petroglyphs in Val Camonica

Rock drawings in Capo di Ponte in Valcamonica

When nature and culture meet, the result is a trek that takes your breath away. The National Park of Rock Engravings is located in Capo di Ponte, in Val Camonica, and holds a priceless treasure: the traces of the peoples who lived here in the Iron Age, the Camuni.

Even one trek is enough to delve into history. On the 5 itineraries along easy trails, depending on time available and your interest, you can choose the itinerary that's right for you.

Starting point: Parco Nazionale delle Incisioni Rupestri (Rock Engravings Park)
Distance: 3km
Duration: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Low

Via ferratas of the Parco delle Fucine and Ferrate di Casto

Trompia Valley in the province of Brescia

Are you feeling adventurous and want to test yourself on a via ferrata (mountain routes equipped with steel cables, pegs or ladders, designed to make it easier for hikers to climb safely)? The province of Brescia is rich in equipped routes. One of the most beautiful is the Parco delle Fucine and Ferrate di Casto, between Val Trompia and Valle Sabbia.

In addition to the via ferratas, it offers trekking paths, mountain bike itineraries, a fascinating canyon and a lake. You can also visit a 1930s industrial site with six forges, a mill and a smelting furnace.

Starting point: Parco delle Fucine and Ferrate di Casto
Distance: 3.5km
Duration: 40 minutes
Difficulty: Low

The giant bench of Pilzone d'Iseo

Big bench in front of Lake Iseo

Climb onto the Big Bench of Pilzone d'Iseo for a breathtaking view of Sebino and Monte Isola. The giant bench is located in San Fermo and is part of the Big Bench Community Project circuit launched by the artist Chris Bangle.

It can be reached starting from Piazza Basilio Cittadini in Pilzone and, after about forty minutes along a beautiful route carved into the rock, it ends in San Fermo.

Starting point: Big Bench in Pilzone d'Iseo
Distance: 1.5km
Duration: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Low

The Forest of Gnomes in Zone

Two foxes in the Bosco degli Gnomi (Gnome Wood) in Zone

Children - even the grown up ones - will go crazy for the Bosco degli Gnomi (the forest of gnomes) . Here, meeting gnomes, wolves, bears, foxes and hares, you will feel as if you are stepping back in time.

According to legend, the artist Luigi Zatti met gnomes during a walk in the woods and decided to sculpt the fantastic creatures in the trunks of the trees along the mule track which, from Zone, climbs to Monte Guglielmo. It's a fairytale trek.

Starting point: Bosco degli Gnomi (the forest of Gnomes)
Distance: 3km
Duration: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Low

Exploring the Valley of the Paper Mills, Valle delle Cartiere

Hiking trail through the Valle delle Cartiere in Lombardy

In the Valle delle Cartiere, the manufacture of paper, favored by the Toscolano stream, dates back to the Middle Ages. In this valley there were numerous factories that produced paper for centuries, prospering until 1962, when the last paper mill closed its doors.

Traces of tradition remain, to be discovered while out walking in nature that has taken back its space. The trails that cross the valley can be traveled both on foot and on horseback.

Starting point: Valle delle Cartiere
Distance: 9km
Duration: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Low

Birdwatching at Torbiere del Sebino

Boy and father birdwatching in Italy

Head as far as the southern end of Lake Iseo, where water and land meet, to discover a true paradise for birdwatchers. The Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve.

Mirror like water, reed beds and lagoons give shelter to quantities of birds that can be admired from different observation points. The place is enchanting at all hours but, if you reach it at dawn or dusk, you will be thrilled to see the light playing with the body of water, creating magical effects.

Starting point: Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve
Distance: 9km
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: Medium

The Monticelli Brusati Waterfalls trail

The waterfalls of Monticelli Brusati in Lombardy

The circular route of the Sentiero delle Cascate runs in the Gaina Valley and crosses a small canyon carved out by the stream which, along its course, creates a series of waterfalls.

The trail starts from Monticelli Brusati and reaches several waterfalls through sections carved into the rock, metal ladders and sections that require you to go around the water with the help of chains. You need a bit of caution but the beauty of the place will reward you.

Departure place: Sentiero delle Cascate (The waterfall trail)
Distance: 12 km
Duration: 4.5 hours
Difficulty: Medium

A walk in the Parco delle Colline

Parco delle Colline (Park of the Hills) near Brescia

Without going too far from Brescia you can enjoy a relaxing walk in the Parco delle Colline.

The lush green area is the largest in the city and exceeds 4,000 hectares. It’s crossed by numerous paths where you can enjoy a day in nature a stone's throw from the comforts of the center.

Departure place: Parco delle Colline
Distance: 11km
Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: Low

A walk among the vineyards of Franciacorta

Vineyards of Franciacorta

Combine an outdoor excursion with the discovery of the Franciacorta wine tradition by walking along trails surrounded by vineyards.

En route, on foot or by bike, stop by the wineries to taste some of the most popular wines in Italy. Start from the Provaglio-Timoline railway station and take the Brescia-Paratico cycle path.

Whether nature and sport, whatever your desire, thanks to the countless trekking routes in the natural parks near Brescia, you can enjoy a unique experience.

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