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Portofino's most iconic hotel hosts a special spa

Hotel in Portofino + luxury spa. The final glimpse of the holiday season deserves to be spent in a special, unique place.

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The Splendido A Belmond Hotel in Portofino is hosting a very special spa until the end of September: the Jardin Des Rêves by Dior, where true luxury meets an incredible atmosphere and a breathtaking view.

After all, we are in one of Italy's most internationally famous historic hotels, which has become famous for the jet set personalities who have stayed here to surround themselves with exclusive beauty. 

When history plays its part

Retail architecture photographer Paris - DIOR  SPA PORTOFINO

Its story began as a Benedictine monastery, uninhabited since 1600 and left in a state of abandonment until Baron Baratta took it over in the late 19th century, turning it into his fabulous private residence. Its real potential was not realised until 1901, when the complex was bought by the entrepreneur Ruggero Valentini, who transformed it into the luxury hotel we know today. Acquired by the American group Belmond, formerly Orient Express, in 2018 it passed into the hands of the giant LVHM, which reconfirmed its character as an exclusive destination.

Indeed, Over the past 120 years, the Splendido has hosted the crème de la crème of the world's powerhouses, movie and music stars: from Winston Churchill to Clark Gable, from Humphrey Bogart to Madonna, via Grace Kelly and Prince Ranieri Grimaldi, Barbra Streisand and Liz Taylor. Everything here exudes history and exclusivity, in one of the most beautiful spots on the Ligurian coast. It was only natural that a place should arise in this setting, where one can indulge in the best of luxury wellness treatments, surrounded by beauty.

The temporary Dior spa at the Splendido Hotel in Portofino is a dream come true

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Jardin Des Rêves (Garden of Dreams) is a decidedly apt name for this temporary spa in Portofino: literally a dream rising up in the protected natural area, immersed in silence and the Mediterranean maquis, with a view, of course, of the Tigullio.

There are no boundaries or limits; it is a rejuvenating blend of sky, sea and nature that will give you one of the most intense wellness experiences ever. Dior has taken care of every single detail, not only of the treatments but also of the layout of this very special spa: the gazebo and curtains on the splendid terrace boast fabrics in the iconic green toile de jouy pattern on a white background, blending perfectly with the surrounding olive trees. Patterns that are also found at the Bagni Fiore Belmond in Paraggi, where a pop-up spa and an exclusive concept store are set up, and on the terrace of the Langosteria restaurant, creating a very elegant ensemble.

The treatments offered by the Dior spa obviously make use of the brand's exclusive products, in particular the Dior Prestige and Solutions Professionnelles lines, used for high-level body and face massages, including the one devised by the maison for the occasion, the Le Grand Soin Dior Bronze massage. The aim of this massage is to prepare the skin in the best possible way for sun exposure, and it is not to be missed. The first part consists of a deep back massage to relax tensions, after which the face and décolleté are redefined and smoothed. Only then will the Dior Bronze treatments be applied to protect against the damage of sun exposure.

The holistic approach characterises all the proposals of the Jardin Des Rêves, aimed at toning the body, as well as reshaping the facial volumes, with particular attention to the signs of fatigue and stress, to restore vitality. Exactly what is needed to tackle autumn at our best, regenerated and completely recharged, including in spirit. To make the experience even more complete and embracing, all you need is a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf, relaxing under the gazebo while watching the sunset and savouring the olfactory notes of the Dior Escale À Portofino perfume, which perfectly sums up the aromas of the Mediterranean, with a precious blend of citrus fruits, including Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian petitgrain, orange blossom and Italian citron, made more intense by Mediterranean cypress and more nuanced by bitter almond. For the occasion it comes in new packaging, obviously in the exclusive green toile de jouy.

Summer is not over yet, and two days in Portofino are always a good idea.

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