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What to do in the EUR district of Rome during the International Golf Travel Market 2022

From the 17th until the 20th of October 2022, “la Nuvola” (The Cloud) by Fuksas in Rome will host the IGTM, l’International Golf Travel Market.

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Here’s a brief guide on how to best enjoy your time in between engagements during the event and what to see in Rome’s EUR district.

Location: the Cloud in the EUR district

cloud eur

Inaugurated in 2016, La Nuvola (The Cloud) is a jewel of contemporary architecture designed by Massimiliano Fuksas. The headquarters of the 2022 IGTM is considered the heart of the Roman district which was created with a focus on architecture. The area was designed in the 1930s as the Universal Exposition centre of Rome, initially scheduled for 1942 but works were then canceled due to the ongoing war.

Under the EUR obelisk, take a stroll through history at the Museum of Civilization

museum of civilization eur

The Nuvola is located just a few steps from Piazza Marconi, with a large obelisk 45 meters high in the center. The Museum of Civilization overlooks the square.
Taking a tour is like embarking on a journey: passing through sections dedicated to paleontology, ethnography, oriental art, popular traditions and the Early Middle Ages. All you need to do is choose which universe to immerse yourself in, whether you wish to dive into prehistory or walk amongst the Indian gods.

Look up at the Planetarium

planetarium eur

Within the Museum of Civilizations you’ll find the Planetarium, a large 14-meter dome that allows you to explore deepest space while comfortably seated in an armchair. Just reopened after renovations it’s now more tech savvy than ever. Not to be missed.

Japan in the EUR Park

japan in rome eur

In the Japanese Gardens designed by Ken Nakajima in sen’en style, there is everything you can expect from a real Japanese garden: a pond, waterfall, rocks and islands, a bridge and stone lamps. The EUR park is a close distance from La Nuvola. The Japanese Cultural Institute organizes guided tours explaining the symbolism of the garden, they are free but you must book in advance. You can also enjoy it independently, letting yourself be inspired by the sound of water and perfect visual geometries.

By boat to the Garden of waterfalls

garden of waterfalls

It’s the water that makes this place special, alongside the view of the obelisk in Piazza Marconi standing out in the center of the EUR district. It is a perfect spot to relax on a break listening to the sound of the water surrounded by greenery. It’s also possible to take a boat ride in the EUR lake to feel completely immersed in the landscape.

Sunset at the Basilica of St Peter and Paul

basilica of st peter and paul eur

The large modern basilica is located not far from the lake: a long staircase leads to the top of the basilica from which you have a view over the whole district. The dome is the fourth largest in Rome after those of the Pantheon, San Pietro and San Giovanni. The perfect time to visit it is at sunset, to watch the sun turn the sky red and enjoy the play of light on the architecture of the neighborhood.

The Colosseum? Check out the Square version

squared colosseum eur

In the EUR district you’ll also find the Square Colosseum, a modern building known as the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana (Palace of Italian Civilization). On the cube of the building there are 216 arched windows reminiscent of the Colosseum in the center of Rome. If you love photography, this palace makes a stunning subject. During the day it stands proud against the blue sky, in the evening it lights up changing its facade.

A suspended dinner

a suspended dinner eur

Il Fungo (the mushroom) was built as a water reservoir but is no longer in operation. It houses a lookout point and a restaurant 53 meters high which can be reached by lift. The view from up there runs from San Pietro to the coast. Near il Fungo there is the EurParkAdventure with a fun adventure trail suspended between the trees. On wooden platforms 7 meters high you can opt to have dinner or book a picnic.

One thing is for sure, in the EUR district you’ll be spoilt for choice of activities to do and monuments to visit. And, as it’s Rome, every corner has a surprise or opportunity to feed your curiosity.

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