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Piazza Trilussa


The square dedicated to the Romans’ "Poet"

At the foot of the Janiculum hill and in front of Ponte Sisto is the beautiful Piazza Trilussa, named in honor of the famous Roman poet, Carlo Alberto Salustri, better known as Trilussa (an anagram of his surname).

The statue of the "Romans’ poet" stands to the right of the square, with the engraving of one of his famous poems on a marble slab, while in the centre is the Acqua Paola fountain by Giovanni Vasanzio.

This square is practically a gateway to Trastevere, characterized by a very cozy atmosphere. It is one of the most popular meeting places for Romans and tourists in an area surrounded by clubs and restaurants.

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Piazza Trilussa

Piazza Trilussa, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

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