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Giardino degli Aranci


The most romantic views in Rome

Parco Savello, or Giardino degli Aranci (Orange Garden), is among the most picturesque places in Rome. Sat atop the Aventine Hill, it is a terrace overlooking the Tiber River that extends into the area of the former fortress of the Savelli family, after which it was originally named. 

The old fortress walls surround the garden, created in 1932 by architect Raffaele De Vico. Work began after it was decided to return the area used as a vegetable garden by the Dominican friars back to the public. It was here that Saint Dominic founded his convent in the 13th century. 

The orange trees are closely linked to Saint Dominic. Tradition has it that the saint preached near an orange tree, now preserved in the cloister of the nearby Church of Santa Sabina. From the park, you can enjoy views of the city, which are particularly beautiful at sunset.

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Giardino degli Aranci

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