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Domus Aurea


Domus Aurea the Residence of Nero and his empire.

The imperial residence of Emperor Nero, a symbol of pomp, luxury and wealth.

The Residence of Emperor Nero, built after the great fire of 64 A.D., it is remembered in history for its grandiose splendour and elegance. It consisted of a series of buildings alternating between gardens, woods and small vineyards, as well as an artificial lake. There were baths with sulphurous waters inside, as well as sumptuous rooms where huge banquets and luxurious receptions were held. Decorated with stuccoes, coloured marble, cladding with gold and precious stones, the Domus Aurea was one of the architectural marvels of the time. Today, it is only possible to visit the parts on the side of Colle Oppio and integrate the visit through the Domus Aurea Experience project, a journey of full-immersion reality promoted by the Colosseum Archaeological Park.


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