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Circus Maximus


The largest performance venue in history

The largest space for competitive shows and games of all time, with a capacity of over 250,000 people, dedicated to horse and cart races (quadrighe), games and gladiator contests. Positioned between the Aventine and the Palatine, at the time of Augustus, it consisted of a central spine around which the races were held.
The space was also used for events related to the political and social life ofthe city, triumphal demonstrations, processions and public executions. Destroyed several times by fires, the Circus Maximus was rebuilt almost entirely under the principality of Trajan. Numerous works were carried out by later emperors, including the spectacular erection of the gigantic obelisk, now in San Giovanni in Laterano, brought to Rome by Constant II in 357 AD.

Walking through the archaeological area as far as the Torre della Moletta, the charm of ancient Rome can be fully appreciated at sunset when a combination of natural and artificial light illuminates the ruins of the Palatine.

Because of its size, Circus Maximus often hosts events, sports festivals and concerts.

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Circus Maximus

Via del Circo Massimo, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

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