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Balletto Di Roma


Spearheading original dance performances in Italy

The Balletto di Roma is an Italian dance company renowned for its excellence: a hotbed of talent that every year puts on performances such as The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet, presenting everything that original dance has to offer to the world. 

Founded in 1960 by Walter Zappolini and Franca Bartolomei, it has always had a keen focus on research and innovation. More than 60 years later, the Balletto di Roma boasts an excellent dance school led by Paola Jorio, on the lookout for the brightest new talents for training every year. 

Today, the dance school puts on dozens upon dozens of performances around Italy throughout the year, allowing you to be carried away by the magic of the Balletto di Roma. These performances feature not only great classics, but also original productions, such as Première, created by choreographer Andrea Costanzo Martini to celebrate the unique stories of young artists from the Rome-based school.


Monday - Friday
10:00 am-08:00 pm
Ordina per
Balletto Di Roma

Via della Pineta Sacchetti, 199, 00168 Roma RM, Italy

Call +39069032762 Website

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