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Via Appia Antica


Ancient Appian Way

The oldest and one of the most famous Roman roads

The oldest Roman road, known as Regina Viarum, connected Rome to Brindisi and was considered the main trade route from Magna Graecia to the city: 2300 years of history and a rich archaeological heritage along its route.

The road, paved in "basoli", smoothand resistant volcanic basalt slabs, is flanked by green fieldsand by villas, ancient buildings and historical finds.

By bike or on foot, this is a real archaeological strollthrough important funerary monuments such as the Nymphaeum of the Villa of the Quintili and the Tomb of Cecilia Metellaall the way to the Villa of Emperor Maxentius. Continuing, we encounter the Catacombs of San Callisto, some of the largest in Rome. You can continue the excursion as far as the Porta Appia, which was considered the entrance to the city and is today known as Porta San Sebastiano.

Via Appia Antica

Via Appia Antica, Roma RM, Italy

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