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Monti Sibillini National Park


History and legends in the heart of Italy 

In the heart of Italy, between Marche and Umbria, the Monti Sibillini National Park is a protected natural area covering more than 70,000 hectares. It encompasses a vast mountain massif with peaks reaching over two thousand metres in height. Within the park, nature, history and legends have coexisted in harmony for centuries. The name of the mountains refers to the legend of the Sibyl, a young sorceress capable of predicting the future through oracles. 

The area has been known since the Middle Ages to be the haunt of ghosts, sorcerers and other fantastic creatures. These legends live on today in the names of places, such as the Valle dell’Infernaccio (Hell’s Valley) and the “demonic” Lago di Pilato (Pontius Pilate’s Lake). In the valley and around the massif, you can visit ancient churches, Romanesque parishes, sanctuaries, monasteries and small mountain villages: places of great beauty and deep spirituality.

Discovering the Sibillini region is a unique experience. There are numerous recommended itineraries, from hiking trails to gentle, family-friendly “Nature Trails”.

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Monti Sibillini National Park


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