Flying over Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley offers so many possible "in the clouds" experiences whereby visitors can enjoy points of view typical of eagles. For example, launching into flight with a glider, that uses currents to glide down to the valley in silence with only the hiss of the air to keep us company. Or by taking advantage of the places where you can fly off in a helicopter and approach Mont Blanc from the top until you feel almost as if you could touch it. For people who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground, cable cars climbing up to 4000 meters may be a valid alternative. Travelling in futuristic and panoramic cabins, the natural beauties in the valley below combine with the towns and castles characterizing this valley. And if the sky fascinates you but you really don't want to take to the air, you can scrutinize infinity with a targeted offering and avant-garde installations to help you discover the secrets of the sun and other stars.

Mont Blanc SkyWay

Mont Blanc SkyWay. Photo by: Dmytro Surkov /

These masterpieces of engineering take hundreds of travellers to higher altitudes every day: to call them merely cable cars would be an understatement. In addition to the experience of moving through the air, the various departure and arrival stations offer paths to approach nature, restaurants, shopping centres and much more. The architecture is futuristic and the impact on the landscape is minimal.

On the wings of a glider


Cradled by the wind: this is the sensation of flying in an engine-less glider that moves thanks to the pilot's ability to "surf" the air currents over a slow yet exciting trail that is different every time, over seas of ice or the great meadows of the valleys. The weather conditions in Aosta Valley mean you can glide all year round.

Cervino close up

The city of Aosta, Cervino, Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc or the flights over the castles in the central valley: helicopter excursions open up exciting scenarios and all kinds of possibility. Vertical take-off, the ability to “hover” over the most striking sceneries and the feeling of being true masters of the air.

Seeing the stars again

There are several locations where night skies can be observed thanks to the altitudes this region has to offer: Aosta Valley proposes virtual journeys into the cosmos to discover planets, constellations, nebulae and galaxies. Alternatively, you can observe the sky with your own eyes at the Teatro delle Stelle, aided by experts with laser pointers to identify stars and constellations.

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