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Art & Culture

Casa Artusi

20 July 2022

The home of Pellegrino Artusi, the father of Italian cuisine, is a destination for lovers of Italian culinary traditions and cookery enthusiasts.

Located in the Historic Center of Forlimpopoli, near Cesena, inside the age-old but restored convent of the Church of the Servi, Casa Artusi is a renowned oenogastronomic center that draws tourists from around the world, interested in its role as one of several important arbiters of Italian cuisine’s cultural and economic value.

Casa Artusi is named for Pellegrino Artusi, man of letters and merchant, writer and gastronome, and a sort of “founding father” of a line of fine Italian cooking - by way of his gastronomical guide, La scienza in cucina e l’arte di mangiar bene, or Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well, that first debuted in 1865. This manual of sorts is a collection of recipes, the fruit of the author’s innumerable trips and experiments. Reprinted and translated in several major languages, the book is still considered a traditional reference for the cooks and gourmands of the world. In order to keep Artusi’s particular passion for homecooking alive, and to highlight the characteristics of the land and customs of the Region of Emilia Romagna, Casa Artusi opened in 2007, and has been known since for its hospitality, tasty and versatile creations, and quality agro-alimentary production, all in the Emilia-Romagnan style.

As critic Alberto Capatti puts it, it is "the first living museum for Italian cuisine, haunted at night by the spirit of Pellegrino himself, and open during the day to the dilettantes, foodies, chefs, children and amateurs that are ready to tie on an apron and try their hand in the kitchen. Casa Artusi is not just for observing and remembering, but for letting the appetite live and work freely.” Casa Artusi boasts a library, restaurant, cooking school and event space, all geared towards enhancing and promoting typical homestyle cooking traditions through research, training and communication, with special attention towards local gastronomy. More specifically, Casa Artusi’s Scuola di Cucina (Cooking School) is open to apasionados and aficionados that want to improve their own knowledge and skills, or further refine their competencies as restaurateurs, chefs and food services professionals. And the Scuola often collaborates with important names on the national food and restaurant scene. Among the Scuola’s teachers are "Le Mariette," women who are experts in the arts of puff pastry, fresh egg pasta and piadina making – the piadina is a flatbread (not very different from the Mexican flour tortilla) from Romagna.

In addition to its defining recipes as codified by Pellegrino, Casa Artusi has developed other innovative dishes over the years, finding new ways to combine customary Romagnolan dishes and ingredients: bread, the piadina, fresh fried Gnocchi, artisanal charcuterie, stoneground flour, P.D.O. Colline di Romagna and P.D.O. Brisighella Extra-Virgin Olive Oils, Romagnolan beef, Cervia’s sweet salt or sale dolce, saffron from the hills of Oriolo dei Fichi, the forgotten fruits of Riolo Terme, the Romagnolan berry, and many more. Casa Artusi is also appreciated for its Festa Artusiana, a huge festival of events, performances and exhibitions, attended by thousands and celebrating Casa Artusi and all things food.