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Arts and crafts on centre stage: Cento Carnival

Twinned with the event in Rio, Cento Carnival is dedicated to the city's arts, crafts and traditions with allegorical floats and the distribution of gifts.

Dedicated to the arts, crafts and traditions of the city, with very ancient origins and twinned with no less than the Rio Carnival, the Carnival of Cento, in the province of Ferrara, stands out for its tradition of the gettito: a parade in which characters, on carnival floats take to the city streets, throwing gadgets and various items like inflatable balloons and cuddly toys to the crowd. The focus of the festival is Piazza Guercino, where Tasi, the characteristic local character, is burnt at the stake. In addition to the float parade with masked characters who parade individually and in groups, a series of concerts, performances by Brazilian dancers and sports, cultural and food events are also staged.