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Riace Bronzes

We know very little about the Riace Bronzes: who are their creators, who are those portrayed, where were they located in Antiquity and when?
They are sculptured masterpieces, rather well-known all around the world, and the major attraction at the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria

Their singularity is due to the fact that very few Greek bronze statues have arrived to the present day intact; among them, these bronzes are perhaps the most beautiful. The Riace Bronzes - Photo by Wikimedia The two majestic statues - discovered by chance hundreds of miles off the coast of Riace, on the floor of the Ionian Sea in 1972 - became the symbol of the City of Reggio Calabria. They depict two male figures - most likely two warriors - marked by perfect beauty. It is believed that they date back to the 5th Century B.C., and that they are of Hellenic origin; they are about 6.6 ft tall and in mint condition.  

According to the most recent studies, Bronze A (called "the youth") might represent Tydeus, a fierce hero from Aetolia, son of the god Ares. Bronze B ("the elder") could represent Amphiaraus, a warrior prophet. 
The statues were likely made in Athens and then sent to Rome; however, when the vessel transporting them sank, the precious load ended up in the deep of the sea.