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Castles in Valle d'Aosta

Numerous and impressive castles rise up in the magnificent alpine scenery of the Valle d'Aosta, mostly built in the Middle Ages by the powerful local families and later on modified. Issogne is one of the most beautiful castles in the region: a fifteenth century building that fully reflects the culture of the time and it is a perfect example of an ancient mansion. The houseplant is square with corner towers and Gothic-style windows; in the centre there is the courtyard with a painted porch. Within the castle, the splendid baronial hall stands out among others, decorated with frescoes depicting hunting scenes. On the opposite bank of the Dora, the landscape is dominated by the Castle of Verrès, built in the late fourteenth century and located in a strategic position. The structure, which looks like a huge cube of rock, a hundred feet high on each side, is the best example of a fortress-like house in the entire region. Another very impressive castle is the one in Bard, dating back to the eleventh century, which became famous in the nineteenth century for a 13 days-blocking of the advance of Napoleon's troops into the Po Valley. The current building, including three fortified buildings connected by covered walkways, dates back to the nineteenth century. Located about ten kilometres away from Aosta, the Castle of Fénis presents itself as a setting construction of the fourteenth century. It represents an important example of military architecture and, at the same time, of a rich mansion. On the exterior, the buidling is marked by square and cylindrical towers, while the interior is meticulously decorated and full of frescoes. Today, the entire structure houses the Museum of Furnishing in Valle d'Aosta. There are also many other old mansions that contribute to make the landscape of the region unique, such as the Castle of Introd or the Castle of Aymaville, or even the magnificent ruins of the Castle of Ussel and the one of Saint-Germain.