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Lying between two rivers and surrounded by majestic mountains, the city of Aosta is a concentration of history and added picturesque traditions. The town has Roman origins, as it is evident from its name, which evokes the one of its founder: the Emperor Augustus. While walking around Aosta it is possible to notice traces of the original town; there are also many Roman monuments, including the Arch of Augustus, the Porta Pretoria, the theatre, the forum and the city walls, almost perfectly preserved. Talking about the city monuments, the Cathedral is a particularly interesting one, it dates back to prior to the thirteenth century and has been reworked some time later; a few steps away there is Emile Chanoux Square, considered as the "living room "of the city, dominated by the long porch of the City Hall. The monumental complex dedicated to Saint Orso also deserves to be mentioned, which includes the Gothic church, the crypt and the cloister. Apart from offering wonderful walks throughout the historical centre and pleasant visits to the monumental sites, the city is also the starting point for tourist excursions into the Valley to discover an uncontaminated nature and evocative castles, starting from the spectacular castle in the town of Fenis, with its square and cylindrical towers dominating the landscape, located about ten kilometres away from Aosta.